Supporting persons with Disabilities in Enhancing their Quality of LIfe

Honorable Mention

Mike G. 

Max H. 

Andrea F. 

Dustin O.

John S.

Erica N. 

Newton R. Chris O.

White Ribbon


Joe A.

Olivia M.

Kyle F.

​Nate W.

Blue Ribbon

Barbara B.

Jeremy D.

Robbie M.

Floyd S.

Pat J.

David C.

​Billy B.

Artists of Opportunity

2017 Artist of Opportunity Calendar Award Ceremony

Red Ribbon


Jeff M.

Scotty M.

Bobbi R.

Paul H.

Donna B.

​Hannah S.

2017 Western Montana Fair Art Competition Winners

The Art Program is a significant part of ORI's heart and soul. The clients, staff, and the community have warmly embraced all the key elements of this program—acrylic painting, digital art, and three-handed pottery. 

A very high percentage of people with disabilities are quite gifted when it comes to expressing their sincere, unfiltered, feelings through art. The ORI art program is crafted to expose these beautiful treasures, as well as the incredible people who created them, to the community. 

The Artists of Opportunity currently have over 200 paintings on public display throughout Missoula and over 80 paintings on display at our Russell Street headquarters. More can be admired at Community Hospital and the Missoula Housing Authority’s office buildings.

All profits from the sale of ORI “Art from the Heart” are paid to the individual artist on a weekly basis. This year nearly $20,000 was distributed to the individual artists..

This year’s exhibitions have included: the Missoula Art Museum, the Federal Courthouse, Palace Art Gallery and e3 Convergence Gallery, plus the University of Montana Made Fair, ORI’s Spring and Holiday Shows, and the Western Montana Fair.

For more information, contact Thomas Lind, Art Director at