ORI Work Crews provides work opportunity to people with disabilities in a supported community environment.

Our Work Crews are one of the most visual services offered at Opportunity.  You may have seen our Downtown Clean Team in downtown Missoula. Our partnership with the Missoula Downtown Association, and other businesses or individuals in the Missoula area helps provide work for people with disabilities while keeping our community clean. 


Do you have items you need hauled to the landfill? How about construction debris, snow to be shoveled, cardboard to be picked up for recycling, yard debris, or anything else that could use a crew?

We have a work crew comprised of 3-5 strong, labor oriented men who work with a supervisor to perform a variety of jobs in and around the Missoula area. 

For $70/hour you can get an entire work crew, truck and trailer, workman's comp, and your job DONE!

The Crew is available M-F from 9a-3p. Please call Diane at 406.329.1728 to schedule or fill out the contact form.

Hire A Work Crew!

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