Creating meaningful work opportunities for people with disabilities in our community. 

ORI’s EmployAbilities Program provides essential job-related services that enable individuals with intellectual, developmental and physical disabilities to gain and maintain fulfilling employment in today’s market.

ORI works with more than 75 businesses placing hundreds of individuals with disabilities in community work settings. Our Job Development Team and Coaches work closely with the employee and employer, providing work site assessment, training and supportive services. We are able to utilize our size, reputation, Business Advisory Council and community involvement to access the hidden job market.

Featured Programs


Katie's Kookies is an all natural dog treat company started by Katie Rolf, a vision-impaired client of ORI, and her grandmother 15 years ago. Katie's Kookies gives meaningful employment to people with disabilities while providing a quality product for the community. There truly is a little heart in each bag. 

Our EmployAbilities program works hard to ensure a positive relationship between employers and our clients. Our goal is to support independence in the work place while providing the services needed to achieve that goal. We use the following strategies to help our clients achieve and maintain meaningful work opportunities. 


ORI’s Job Coaching Team provides support to clients, facilitating a successful employment relationship between employer and employee. ORI support includes assistance in developing work skills, as well as problem solving, decision making and communication skills. Support, tailored to the needs of each individual situation, may be for the long term or temporary. The goal is successful employment!


ORI’s Job Development Team consistently researches local job opportunities and provides support and job placement expertise that allows each candidate to successfully compete for local job openings.


ORI provides Employment Assessment services, which are designed to gauge an individual’s strengths in a work setting as well as identify potential barriers that demonstrate a need for extra support. The goal of Work Assessments and Community-based Evaluations is long-term successful employment experiences for both the employee and employer.


ORI’s Business Advisory Council (BAC) is made up of local business leaders and employment specialists who work to increase local employment opportunities for ORI clients. Current members of the Business Advisory Council are:

  • Tom Sullivan -  Missoula Job Service

  • Jeanne Stone - Vocational Rehabilitation

  • Lori Cummings - Quality Maintenance Enterprises

  • Cindy Smith - Holiday Inn Missoula Downtown

  • Adam Ragsdale - Missoula Housing Authority

  • Marcie Briggs - University of Montana

  • Hal Pulling - Retired ORI Employment Consultant

  • Heather Halter - City of Missoula Human Resources

  • Connie Bauer - Occupational Therapist