Supporting persons with Disabilities in Enhancing their Quality of LIfe

OREF Grant Application

  Opportunity Resources Empowerment Form 

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Empowerment Fund (OREF)

The Opportunity Resources Empowerment Fund provides grants to people who are served by ORI. The fund provides a lifeline to one of Montana’s most vulnerable populations; at least 98% of our adult clients live at or below the low-income poverty line. The Empowerment Fund, established in 2014, provides grants of $500 or less, over the course of the year as needs arise. Grants can be used to fund equipment, assistive technology, work-related tools or clothing, unusual transportation costs, recreational needs, and education enrichment opportunities or housing expenses. These grants are available to any person in Montana with a disability who is served by ORI and whose application is approved. We actively solicit donations to secure the necessary funds to offer an individual the financial “hand-up” they need.