Opportunity's Empowerment Fund is a grant program available to our clients for a variety of life-enhancing purposes. Apply to the Empowerment Fund below. 

The Opportunity Resources Empowerment Fund provides grants to people who are served by ORI. The fund provides a lifeline to one of Montana's most vulnerable populations; at least 98% of our adult clients live at or below the low-income poverty line. The Empowerment Fund, established in 2014, provides grants of $500 or less. Requests are limited to one per fiscal year. Grants can be used to fund equipment, assistive technology, work-related tools or clothing, unusual transportation costs, recreational needs, and education enrichment opportunities or housing expenses. 

These grants are available to any person in Montana who is served by ORI and whose application is approved. We actively solicit donations to secure the necessary funds to offer an individual the financial 'hand-up' they need. Please fill out the application below to be considered to receive funds from the Empowerment Fund.

Apply to the Empowerment Fund:

Please check one of the following:
If approved, how will the funds from OREF specifically be used to meet your special need?
Are you currently receiving services by an existing program? If yes, please describe below.
What other sources of funding have you tried to meet your special need? 
Have you received an OREF grant before? If yes, please explain when, how much, and for what purpose.
What other information would you like to share that will be useful to the Grants Committee in coming to a decision about your grant application? 
By electronically signing below, I verify that the information is accurate to the best of my knowledge. If approved, I agree to provide all reports that may be required concerning the use of grant funds. I hereby grant permission to ORI to share information about my participation, including photos. Personal information will remain private and confidential. I hereby release Opportunity Resources, Inc. and its successor, employees, volunteers and programs from any liability associated with my request in any form. I understand that this is an application and approval is contingent upon a number of factors. Approval is not guaranteed. 

Thanks for submitting! We will be in contact with you regarding your appliation soon.