Supporting persons with Disabilities in Enhancing their Quality of LIfe

Focus on Clients

Hanna Hamoka- Hanna loves to work. Her employment experiences include work as a janitor, a dining room attendant, a housekeeper in a hotel, rolling sleeping bags for fire fighters, and 
assembling military survival kits. In 2003, she was personally recruited by managers of The Good Food Store to join their work force. Hanna loves her job. She works five days a week and often expresses interest in working more than that. She has a variety of responsibilities as the Day Cleaner. Hanna keeps the seating area tidy and ready for the great volume of customers. She also refreshes restrooms several times a day. Hanna is willing to tackle any task. She is eager to take on any cleaning challenge. Hanna is outgoing and friendly to customers and co-workers and has great relationships with many GFS employees.

Hanna participates in Opportunity Resources’ community employment program. Her work at The Good Food Store is facilitated by the support of a Job Coach. Additionally Good Food Store managers, supervisors, and co-workers play a vital role in this wonderful employment relationship with Hanna. Hanna walks to and from work nearly every day and is not deterred by rain, sleet, or snow. She has been the recipient of several “Way to Go” awards. She also is a world traveler. In the past few years she has discovered cruising. She has traveled to Texas, the Phillipines, Japan, Europe, Mexico and the Cook Islands.

Client Success Stories

Robert Wilkins - Through advances in technology and a team of mentors, one Missoula man isn’t letting his lack of eyesight keep him down. For Robert the last three months have been outstanding. He has a job as a cashier at Fuddruckers Restaurant in Missoula — not so amazing until you learn that Robert is visually impaired, and he is taking orders, collecting the money, and making change! His boss is Russ Klare, owner and manager of Fuddruckers. Russ wanted to make this work for Robert and made the commitment to Opportunity Resources and the Montana Department of Vocational Rehabilitation to do whatever it took. Thanks to some innovative new technology and Robert’s hard work, he is now able to fully function as a member of the crew and has blossomed into a valued employee. Congratulations Robert, and thank you Russ, Fuddrucker’s, and Vocational Rehabilitation for making this possible!

Teresa Bradley - Teresa moved from Indianapolis, Indiana, to Missoula to live with her sister. She has a degree in nursing from Depauw University and was a nurse prior to an auto accident that changed her life. Teresa was hired by the Holiday Inn Downtown as a laundry attendant in April 2014. She loves her job and gets along well with her co-workers. She really appreciates the free lunch that the hotel provides. Teresa did mention that she has to cut down on the desserts because the hotel provides too many choices. Teresa is very active in Special Olympics and works out at the YMCA. She has an extremely positive outlook on life and enjoys meeting people. Her supervisor enjoys her sense of humor and personality and reports that Teresa makes everyone laugh.

Paul Hill - For over two years, Paul has been an integral part of the Home Resource team. A hard worker, Paul will tackle any job in front of him. He has mastered the deconstruction and reconstruction of faucets, learned how to process donated paint, and recently has been sharpening drill bits, to name just a few things Paul does. Pictured above is Paul beaming with joy after building a step stool from scrap wood. Paul is remarkably precise and will work as many hours as possible to get the job done. He has great relationships with those around him, and may be heard saying his signature line, “Faaaantastic”. We are pleased to nominate Paul for this award. A big thanks goes to Home Resource for being a supportive employer.

Phil MasciaPhil and his wife recently moved to Missoula from the East Coast. Phil was excited in July 2014 when a work assessment with ORI resulted in him landing a job at the Missoula Federal Building and Courthouse. Phil graduated from Unity College in Maine with a bachelor’s degree in Parks/Recreation/Ecotourism. He met his wife in college and they were married in 2009. They both love Missoula and plan to stay here. What does he like most about his job? "Working with my hands and being busy all the time."
Here is what his supervisor says about him:

I first met Phil when he was a work assessment on the ORI night crew and I was his supervisor. He was a great employee — I wanted to keep him. In the end it worked out well for me when I moved to the Federal Building and Phil was part of the crew. Phil never misses work. His reliability, dependability, and dedication are a luxury for his supervisors. We have received numerous compliments about Phil from Federal Building tenants as well as kudos from the building manager at the Federal Courthouse. Phil works independently during the daytime and is a great source of information for his supervisors when it comes to work issues that need to be addressed. Phil is always positive, has a great attitude, and is well liked by his ORI coworkers as well as Federal Building tenants. ORI is fortunate to have Phil as one of our own. – Long Moua, Janitorial Coordinator

Eli Roberts Eli is a night owl who always wanted to work at a movie theater. When an opportunity arose in 2014 to work at Missoula’s Carmike 12 in the Tuxedo position, Eli was eager to start and has been working at the Carmike since then. Eli spends his evenings greeting guests and cleaning up the theater after the films. Eli recently cross-trained to take tickets at the podium. He told his vocational rehabilitation counselor that he has improved his social skills through working at the theater. During the days, Eli works a second job, at Home Resources, taking apart and refurbishing sinks, as well as other projects. Eli loves both jobs and enjoys working and staying busy. In his spare time Eli volunteers with AniMeals. He socializes with animals, collects donations, and cleans the pet areas.