Supporting persons with Disabilities in Enhancing their Quality of LIfe

  • Community First Choice (CFC):
    • ​2.99% rate reduction
    • CFC hour reductions include:
      • ​Meal prep reduced to 2 hours per week (from 5 to 7 hours per week)
      • Exercise reduced to 3.5 hours per week (from 5 hours per week)
      • IADL (grocery shopping, light housekeeping, community integration) reduced to 3 hours per week (from 5 hours per week)
    • ​Total number of hours reduced over 50 individuals in ORI services are 101 hours per week
  • Big Sky Waiver:
    • ​2.99% rate reduction across all service categories
    • Social Personal Assistance PRogram limited to 10 hours per week (some of our clients are currently at 52 hours per week)
    • 25 mile limit on transportation
    • If a member needs more support to be safe in the community, the case manager will be able to authorize above the 10 hour per week limit based on health and safety. We will know by the end of January 2018 the total amount of hours that can be authorized. This service impacts three congregate sites and multiple independent people. 
  • Development Disability Program:
    • ​2.99% rate reduction across all service categories

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Changes to Residential Programs: 

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Changes to Employment Programs: 

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Recent legislative changes have directly impacted Opportunity Resources ability to provide services to hundreds of people with developmental disabilities across Western Montana. While things change quickly and often, here is what we know now: 

We have created some fun and simple ways you can help Opportunity Resources and the hundreds of people we serve on a daily basis. Scroll below to see what you can do, right now, to help make an impact during these critical times. If you want more information about the budget cuts or ways to get involved, please contact us at 406.721.2930.

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  • Vocational Rehabilitation hourly rate cut by 20% and Pre-ETS services to High School students cut by 45%
  • The Extended Employment  (EE) Program that provides long term supports to people has been cut by 25%
  • The State office has informed providers that EE funding may run out but have not yet provided specific information
  • 60 individuals could lose their services in Missoula alone and Missoula employers could lose valued employees

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