Supporting persons with Disabilities in Enhancing their Quality of LIfe

Serving nearly 1500 adults with disabilities in Western Montana

Our Values:

• We value and respect people -- their uniqueness, their interests, their contribution.
• We value each individual’s right to privacy.
• We value the right to make informed choices and to take risks.
• We value partnerships with family, friends, volunteers, co-workers, and other members of the community.
• We value fellow staff who are committed to excellence, who impart positive influence, and are respectful, dedicated, motivated, and competent.
• We value environments that are accessible, safe, healthy, and supportive.
• We value communication that fosters open and respectful relationships.
• We value corporate practices implemented in accordance with sound business principles.
• We value life-long opportunity, personal growth, good health and happiness for all.

At ORI, we employ over 350 trained professionals who provide employment, living skills and support, plus a broad array of educational, recreational and companion services to nearly 700 adults with disabilities. Our client population includes individuals with intellectual disabilities, mental illness, physical disabilities, traumatic brain injuries, visual impairments, and includes disabled veterans. Still, we serve less than 10% of the total number of our neighbors in Western Montana who cope daily with a disabling condition. ORI Case Managers support another 800 adults with disabilities, yet, there remains an additional 800 adults with disabilities who must endure lengthy waiting periods, averaging eight years, for approved services. Our goal is to responsibly close that gap.

Our Impact