The Packaging & Assembly Division (PAD) employs people with disabilities while providing a variety of services to many of Missoula's businesses. 

ORI has a long history of on-site packaging and assembly and bulk mailing services for many of Missoula’s top businesses. In addition to product assembly, ORI employees with disabilities provide bagging, blister packing, bottling, shrink-wrapping, master cartoning, and palletizing services. Product orders can be shipped directly from the ORI facility.

ORI mailing services processes hundreds of thousands of pieces annually. Employees fold, staple, collate, tab, label, seal, and affix postage. Mailing services can process ad flyers, brochures, product catalogs, newsletters, annual reports, sample packets, and video, DVD, or CD mailings in protective packaging. 

Mailing services will prepare mail for bulk mailing, prepare postal forms, and deliver your mailing to the post office on deadline. For over 35 years this service has provided ongoing employment opportunities for nearly 100 ORI clients.