CEO, Joshua Kendrick, speaks out about state budget cuts

After 26 years of providing case management services, we learned right before Christmas that the State of Montana has decided not to renew funding for these services and we will no longer be able to help the nearly 800 adults with disabilities across Western Montana that we serve.

In addition to this devastating news, we were also informed that we will be receiving a 2.99% budget cut to all of our other services What this means, is that many of our clients will lose critical services that help support them in obtaining independence in housing, meaningful employment, and as many aspects of their daily lives as possible.

This news is extremely concerning and as an organization we are going to have to make changes and adapt in the coming months/year. We will continue to evaluate our financial position to assure we stay healthy. I know that together, with our Board of Directors and dedicated staff, we will weather these difficult times and come out an even stronger and better provider of services.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions, the information is truly is coming fast and furious and I will continue to try and keep you informed.​

Thank you,

Joshua Kendrick CEO​