Local Art Program Partners with Missoula Businesses to Increase Awareness of Mission

The Artists of Opportunity program at Opportunity Resources, Inc. (ORI) has begun to partner with local businesses to expand their mission to empower people with disabilities through art. Organizations such as Missoula Federal Credit Union (MFCU) have chosen to display Artists of Opportunity art in their buildings which directly impacts the quality of life for each artist.

MFCU representative, Robert Farmer states, “Purchasing art from ORI was a great experience. The department staff allowed us time and space to view what was available, and even made sure to bring out new pieces that weren’t on display yet. After the purchase, they came onsite to install the pieces to make sure they were hung properly and looked good. Our goal with purchasing the art is to generate more interest in the Artists of Opportunity Program. Anyone using our Corporate Training Center will now get to experience ORI art anytime they use our facility. The response has been very positive!”

The Artists of Opportunity program provides life-enriching opportunities to adults with disabilities in our community. 100% of the art produced through this program is created by a person with a developmental, intellectual, or physical disability, and 100% of the profit goes directly back to the artist. For many of these artists, it is their main source of income.

ORI CEO Joshua Kendrick states, “As our programs continue to expand, it is imperative that we build strength in our relationships within the community. Our art program is one way we have been able to build a bridge between our mission and other local businesses and continue to create meaningful opportunities for our clients.”

The Artists of Opportunity program is hosting Art from the Heart in the lobby of ORI from December 4-22. The community is welcome to come by and see the art on display, as well as purchase items for the holiday season. Businesses interested in purchasing corporate art pieces will need to schedule a meeting with Tom Lind, Director of Art. For more information, call 406.721.2930 or visit www.orimt.org.