Opportunity Resources, Inc Responds to Legislative Budget Cuts with Impactful Changes to Org

Due to recent legislative budget cuts, Opportunity Resources, Inc. (ORI) will be downsizing staff and making reductions to life-changing programs and services that support hundreds of adults with disabilities across Western Montana.

ORI, one of Montana’s larges 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations, will be reducing services to its EmployAbilities program, Residential program, and Case Management program.

Changes are as follows:

Employment Programs:

· Vocational Rehabilitation hourly rate cut by 20% and Pre-ETS services to High School students cut by 45%.

· The Extended Employment (EE) Program that provides long term supports to people has been cut by 25%.

· The State office has informed providers that EE funding may run out but have no yet provided specific information.

· 60 individuals could lose their services in Missoula alone and Missoula employers could lose valued employees.

Residential Programs:

· Community First Choice (CFC):

o 2.99% rate reduction.

o Meal prep reduced to 2 hours per week from 5 to 7 hours per week.

o Exercise reduced to 3.5 hours per week from 5 hours per week.

o IADL (grocery shopping, housekeeping, community integration) reduced to 3 hours per week from 5 hours per week.

o Total numbers of hours reduced over 50 individuals in ORI services are 101 hours per week.

· Big Sky Waiver:

o 2.99% rate reduction across all service categories.

o Social Personal Assistance Program limited to 10 hours per week (some ORI clients are currently at 52 hours per week).

o 25 mile limit on transportation.

o If a client needs more support to be safe in the community, the case manager will be able to authorize above the 10 hour per week limit based on health and safety.

· Developmental Disability Program:

o 2.99% rate reduction across all service categories.

Case Management:

· All Case Management services will end effective June 1, 2018 leaving over 750 adults with disabilities without Case Management services provided by ORI.

· ORI will be laying off 26 full-time staff members across Western Montana.

These changes to ORI programs and services will make it difficult for the adults with disabilities the organization serves to access the community, meaningful employment opportunities, and necessary daily living supports.