Individually, we make a difference.

Together, we have impact.


Louis L. Borick Foundation


Susan White

First Security Bank

Thomas and Roxanne Tubbs

Clearwater Credit Union

Run Wild Missoula

Jim and Carey Green


Janet and Gary Kalkstein

Peter and Maria van Loben Sels

Community Medical Center

PayneWest Insurance

WGM Group

First Interstate Bank

James Kieronski and Barbara Simon

Lynn E. Craghold

Good Food Store

Washington Corporations

David and Monica Paoli

Max and Betty Swanson Foundation

Montana Community Foundation

Tom Roberts and Lindsay Richards

Shawn and Susan Basolo

TMS Revitalizes

Western Montana Clinic

Dennis and Robin Round

Les Schwab Tire Center

Cushing Terrell

Muralt Family Foundation

Great Western Petroleum

ALPS Corporation

David Rook

Mark and Wendy Chelini

Jim and Janice Nugent

University of Montana Community Giving Campaign

Kevin and Margie Huguet

William Kendrick and Rita Pastore

Leif and Eva Amundson Family Endowment Fund

A&B Roofing


Robert T. Campbell

Milodragovich Dale Steinbrenner

Gregory J. Ragee

Rick Oncken and Courtney White

Missoula Lions Club

Rachel A. Vielleux

William and Phyllis Bouchee

Ronald A. and Jane K. Bender

Garlington, Lohn & Robinson, PLLP

Swank Enterprises

Mary and Carey Olson

Julie and Jim Foley

Anthony and Amanda Krolczyk

Top Hat Enterprises Inc. 

Martha Des Georges and Phill Guay

Sandra Poston

Loose Caboose

Worden Thane, P.C.

Charles and Gloria Horejsi

Deborah Smith

Gregory Schmautz and Sue Brownlow

Stu and Carin Hansen

Tina and Kelly Shepard

Johnnie N. Moore and Lynn Tennefoss

Randy and Coryll Rupert

Tina Bouchee


Mathew Thiel

BHHSMT Foundation

Michael A. Fuchs

Molly and Raymond Howard

Colin and Joanne McCormack

Lon and Pam Dale


Michael Grisley

John S. Shaffner

John DeGroot

Stephen F. Seninger

Klaus and Karen Sitte

Dennis and Nancy McCormick

Whitney Curtis

Scott and Cheryl Porter

Missoula Bone & Joint

Cindy Jimmerson

Missoula Smokejumpers

Adam Carroll

Denalie Bruins and Wayne Burnham

Deanna and Tom Johnson

Chuck and Linda Thompson

Patricia Baumgart

NorthWestern Energy

Barbara Riley

Network For Good

Michael and Gay Peterson

Willis and Caroline Kurtz

Conor Smith

Bernice Johnston

Missoula Country Club

Jana Montel

Greg and Tara Halls

James Sylvester and Suzanne Sterrett

Janell and Martin Prather

Russ and Mary Cole

Jamie Jackson

Kay Salmonson

Tanner Tromp

Phil and Barb Walker

Weymouth and Terry Symmes

Susan Kohler

Laursen Holdings

Jim Caras

Kelly Driscoll

Georgiana McNaughton

Barbara Balko Peterson

Katja Stromnes Elias

Valerie Hedquist

Mika Khoury

Lori Cummings

Stephanie Olson

Bert Lindler

Andrew Ware

Karen J. Hertzog

Herbert R. and Karen Brist

Jamie Seguino

Andrew Bender

Andrew Evans

Dan Moe

Iris Bentz-Horak

Meng Dentistry

Larry and Janet MOritz

Tom and Barbara Seekins

Carol Huggins

Abbot's Glass

Missoula Fresh Market

Culligan Water

Michael Richter

Erica Hurt

James Langford

Max and Cindy Bauer Jr. 

Normal and Doris Balko

Steven and Jeanne White

Edward and Kathleen Murphy

Amazon Smile Foundation

Brian Daigle


David and Susan Brolhorst

Alan Collette

Jenee Collette

Jay and Pat Cross

Travis and Stacie Cline

Craig McCollum

Ronald and Sheila Lund

Larry Morgan

Justin Dutra

George Hays

Candice Hyer

Cris Fleming

Mary B. Hamilton

B. Halligan

Bethany Taylor

Ashely Murphy

Tammie Franchuk

Kitty Ortman

Connie Whalen

Vikki Miller

Matthew Miller

Elizabeth Sands

David M. Spores

Denis Thane

Patricia and Stanley Senner

Adventure Cycling Association

Dennis and Jan Rach

James Keenye

Adam Jones

Ryon Brewer and Judy Klein

Susanne Stokes

Mary Windecker

Carolyn B. Metcalf

Robert and Susan Warner

Gale and Judy Albert

Bill and Jen E. Follett McCaw

Kelly Hale

Ink Realty Group

Diane Savage Connor

Stand and Rebecca Duffner

Bruce and Mari Bender

Eric Strandvold

Bill and Dori Johnston

Julia Ellison

Carrie Welch

Ashley House

Mike and Staci Nugent

Dwayne and Josephine Garner

W. Rick Beck

Eugene and Nancy Silliman

Ann Mary Dussault and Diane Sands

William and Phyllis Nelson

Ray and Kay McLaughlin

Kristin and Larry Stayner

John and Kathy Brauer

Jean Curtiss

Sviatlana Pollarine

Jean and George Knowles

Phillip A. and Janet Whaley Hamilton

Daniel and Theresa Doyle

Elliott and Hattie Johnson

Jack and Bonnie Chambers

Milt and Joan Datsopolous

Mike and Kay Duffield

Scot Bair and Patricia Thomas

Steven Bader

Shawna Palmer

Donna J. Schramm

Northern Rockies Orthopaedics

Patrick Duffy

Cory's Valley Market

James H McKinny

Thomas Dove

Marilyn Bruya